A Family Lawyer In Edmonton Can Help You Regain Visitation Rights With Your Children

After a divorce, most children remain under primary custody of one parent, and the other parent has a planned visitation schedule. While this is standard after most divorces, some parents fight for complete custody of children with no visitation allowed by the other parent. A parent may also have visitation right revoked after accusations of drug abuse, abuse of the child, or other reasons. If you have lost the right to visit your child because of false accusations your child’s primary caregiver made, then contact an Edmonton family lawyer to help obtain the right to visit your children again.

If your rights to see your children were revoked because of a past substance abuse problem, then you may be able to regain visitation rights easily by passing regular drug tests for a period of time. A family lawyer in Edmonton can help you make a plan with the courts to prove that you have changed your ways. If you were unjustly accused of child abuse or endangerment, then your family lawyer in Edmonton will have to prove that these allegations were false. If there is lack of evidence of wrongdoing by you, then you will likely be able to regain visitation rights.

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